House Milano

Via Papa Gregorio XIV - Milan


Overlooking Piazza Vetra and the Basilica Di San Lorenzo Maggiore inspired the lines of this apartment in central Milan.

The large curved wall of the living room with the large windows overlooking the Piazza, decorated with wooden frames are the focus of the intervention.

From here came the choices for the final project that gave new life to an apartment with enormous potential, but that needed to be unveiled.

The new distribution wanted to give importance to this area of the house by enhancing the existing materials, some of which have been salvaged, such as the splendid solid oak parquet floor, laid shiplap, which has been expertly sanded and regenerated.

The project is punctuated by painstaking interventions; both wall colors and materials as well as furnishings and lighting were carefully chosen. Recognizable design elements and materials are mixed with decorative handcrafted pieces.

The result is a design with a contemporary flavor, respecting the place and the pre-existence.

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