House Statuto

Via dello Statuto - Florence


The desire of the client, a young Florentine girl, was to live in a modern apartment, characterized by the colors she loves.

An old apartment from the 1950s with a kitchen in the back and a window that faced the internal courtyard.

She dared to give up this opening by making a pantry and arranging the whole living area on Via dello Statuto; a difficult choice, but one that paid off.

The linear kitchen and wall of “Lago” combined with wallpapers with Renaissance themes quoting Piero della Francesca, the red armchairs, linear table, and transparent chairs tie in with custom-designed elements, such as the bookcase and lamp in the master bedroom.

A brick bearing the date 1860, and walled upside down by who knows which master mason, characterizes and decorates one of the pillars of the living room.

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