Retail Belvedere

The client needed a stylistic and technical renovation, but one that would not distort the landmark business of the neighborhood and the city of Pistoia.
The new pharmacy would also be equipped with an automated warehouse.

We tiptoed in not disrupting the distribution of space, but optimizing through the use of some stylistic and architectural escamotages and the use of materials, colors and lighting.

The project gave much importance to communication, both externally with the study of the storefront, and internally with well-defined departments and the installation of 3 monitors, one of which resolves and furnishes the central pillar;

The storefront was resolved with an out-of-scale three-dimensional lettering bearing the name of the business and a high-definition monitor.

The use of wood and pastel colors make the environment reassuring, and the result has a strong emotional impact, but without displacing the regular clientele, who nevertheless perceived the considerable stylistic and technological change.

The tidiness and cleanliness of the new dynamic and welcoming layout, the use of technology, and the well-thought-out communication have yielded the results that the principals hoped for: improved queue management and customers, who in addition greatly appreciate the new image of both the pharmacy and the pharmacists themselves, evidently carried away by the desire for renewal.

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