Retail Mannori

Vinci (Florence)


Customers were facing the relocation of the pharmacy to a new location with much larger dimensions.

The need was to have a different structure reflecting the dynamism of a fast-growing and young staff, led by the owner and his young daughter, who were betting heavily on their expertise in the cosmetics sector.

The new location had to have a space dedicated to this activity, with a strong visual and emotional impact, and at the same time the furniture had to be able to display a lot of merchandise.

A lot was played on the use of the color orange, which was already present in the logo created ad-hoc by a graphic design studio.

Well delimited spaces and the choice of a new display module, designed and experimented with for the first time in this pharmacy, made it possible to create environments that were delimited, but at the same time open and with excellent display capacity, since they could display on two fronts.

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