21 November 2023

The attic room, added value

It may be an attic that has been recovered after a renovation, an old attic that has been cleaned up and brought to new life, or a space that used to be a “storage room” for old objects. All places, these, that today shine again.

The attic, in a house, represents an added value and therefore should be thought of and furnished with the right attention. To understand how to make the best use of the space it is necessary, first of all, to study and evaluate properly the structural characteristics, size and the amount of natural light you can get.

Often, rooms of this kind, especially if they are close to the apartment in which you live, lend themselves to becoming interesting home offices or additional areas of the house to be devoted to hospitality. They are perfect for receiving and, if necessary, sleeping friends and relatives.

Whether it is a single room or a larger sequence of rooms, it is best to go for modular furniture with simple lines and light colors. Surely a comfortable sofa, perhaps a bed, to be composed and broken down as needed; a desk where you can carve out some peace and quiet; a bookcase that contains objects and volumes dear to you; and a whole series of small furnishings to be chosen on the basis of the main use you will make of the room.

Whatever use you will make of the space, the advice is still to enhance the room with specially chosen furniture (better to avoid clogging it with old things that no longer fit in the house) but without overfilling it, especially in situations with low ceilings.

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