25 June 2023

House Pistoia

Warmth and design

A kitchen that hides the door to the sleeping area, embellished with custom-made details is the heart of this apartment of a Pistoia family. The living room with Lago furniture and Linea Light lamps dialogues in harmony with the dining area, the kitchen island equipped with snacks acts as a trait d’union but at the same time defines the boundaries between the relaxation/dining area and the operating area.

On the free wall was installed a suspended bookcase, light and ethereal, made to measure with pink details that recall the Lago wall and chairs on one side and the kitchen wall on the other.

The entryway was resolved with a light oak shelf dividing a backlit mirror into two parts, all made to a custom carpentry design.

Marble furniture signed Antonio Lupi and custom-made for the main bathroom in shades of blue.

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