24 September 2022

Pharmacy “Mannori”

We deal with the design of unique and pleasant environments with the aim of making all the phases of a customer inside a pharmacy pleasant: from the entrance to the choice of products, from standing in line to the checkout.

This strategy we also applied for the Mannori pharmacy, located in Spicchio-Sovigliana (Vinci) in the province of Florence.

Upon entering the pharmacy, the user gets to appreciate an organized, functional environment with pleasant aesthetics that, on the one hand, enhance the quality of service and, on the other, improve the shopping experience.

In interiors, simple, custom-made furniture, the choice of light colors mixed with shades with more personality create a balanced effect.

Do you have a similar project in the pipeline? The Ama Progetti studio has all the skills, requirements and resources to be able to support you in this new idea.

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