17 October 2022

High fashion boutique Hamburg

Studio Ama Progetti Architetture provides its know-how acquired during years of experience for the management of complex construction sites.

Specifically, the Tuscan firm oversaw the construction management of a boutique of a high fashion brand in Hamburg, on a project carried out by a third party.

This was an important project that demonstrated the Ama Progetti team’s ability to coordinate even the most delicate job orders and underscored the versatility of working abroad by interfacing with professionals who speak several languages.

On this occasion, our team thus took care to make sure that all work on site was carried out as planned, protecting the client’s interests and needs and enforcing all established rules and agreements.

The Ama Progetti firm thus emerged as the guarantor of the goodness of the work performed for the construction of this located on the prestigious Neuer Wall, the city’s most famous shopping street.

By coordinating all the many figures involved in the construction process, it became the key figure that helped determine the quality of the work executed.

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