13 October 2022

Vaglia (Florence)

A project that is simple but full of values that do not wear out, that do not debase over time, and that bring emotions to where people live, live, and work.

Values that bear the signature of the studio Ama Progetti Architetture. A project where to the beauty of the function of the furniture is added the function of the beauty of the decoration: the synthesis is perfect and, in the house, an accomplished object enters.

A home where every room can be an intimate and personal place. A modern design with clean lines and authentic materials and soft hues that alternate with explosive colors. In the open space of the living and dining area, windows frame the view and provide brightness to the rooms.

Graphics, prints and some handcrafted works give a personal touch to the whole house. Design, here, takes center stage: colorful, geometric, with character.

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