22 November 2022


A multinational company that operates in the field of medical analysis and healthcare in general, including specialty healthcare. It is SYNLAB and Ama Progetti is, at present, the referent architectural firm for Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna.

The design of the interiors of SYNLAB centers is a complex issue to deal with, since it touches different issues related not only to the aesthetic aspect and design of the furniture layout, but also takes into consideration the analysis of the structure as a whole, establishing in principle the functions of each space: from the area dedicated to reception and acceptance to the waiting room for patients, passing to the space dedicated to outpatient clinics.

The Ama Progetti studio is thus de facto referent for SYNLAB, for the areas indicated above, for all that is the design of analysis laboratories (something not very usual in our sector) and in outpatient clinics, having acquired over the years both technical and bureaucratic knowledge of high specialization.

The goal, in the various realizations, is to best communicate SYNLAB’s image through spaces that represent the company in the best possible way, thanks to a specific and in-depth knowledge of industry regulations, the functional and ergonomic needs of the individual center and an accurate ability to interpret the implications on patients’ emotions.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that SYNLAB likes to call itself a “health partner” precisely because of its leadership gained through excellence in serving patients and the medical community with reliable diagnoses and added value.

A concept that the architectural firm always takes into account in its design choices in order to best represent the values of the client with a professional approach thanks to a consolidated experience in consulting, design and implementation for this sector, taking into account the needs of the company, current regulations and proposing innovative solutions in order to achieve the best result

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